Housing scheme for AP staff

ap staff housingVijayawada: The state government is making plans to introduce housing scheme for employees who will be shifted from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. As per plans, the government will allot one plot of land and provide loan facility also for all the employees with bankers’ support. The government has realised that though it is taking steps to complete the temporary Secretariat works speedily for launching the state administration from Velagapudi in Guntur district in the Amaravati capital location, lack of accommodation may hit its plans for shifting the employees. Now the employees are making plans to come to Vijayawada on temporary basis for this academic year.
As per Vijayawada Builders Association study, rented buildings are also not available in and around Amaravati capital city location for the total 24,000 employees. In this backdrop, the employees are making plans to shuttle between Hyderabad and Vijayawada. After analysing the facts, the government is designing plans to alter housing scheme instead of employees’ request for house sites. The issues related employees shifting will be discussed again on February 28, said finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.
The government has two plans, first to set up a coordination committee with employees unions and later issues would be solved under the supervision of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. However, the leaders of employees associations demanded the state government to allot house sites in Amaravati capital city location as the rentals are high in Vijayawada and Guntur cities. Moreover, rented houses are not available as per requirement, says Rajaram, who took part in the recent meeting as employees leader with municipal minister Narayana.
But now the government is making plans to allot one site for all the employees and high-rise buildings would be constructed as part of encouraging the employees to shift to the capital, says a minister, on condition of anonymity. He said that housing plan is under consideration and the Chief Minister Naidu would take a final decision on it and the government could not provide house sites for all the employees.
Final master plan sought:
The absence of description about the proposals in the Amaravati final capital city map is confusing the public. The CRDA had earlier released Amara-vati draft and perspective master plan with maps and details of all proposals. But this time, the CRDA released the map only with peg marking and it is confusing the public about the land allocation, zones, government core and reconstituted plots. The CRDA announced availability of Amaravati city final master plan in CRDA offices but it was not available in the the offices of the capital region villages.
The public are demanding release of the final master plan with all details written in Telugu language for better understanding. The CRDA gave one month time to submit objections. Hence, the pooled farmers and public of the capital region are demanding release of final master plan with detailed description immediately.  Farmers D. Subba Rao and others said that earlier the CRDA released perspective and draft master plans with complete descriptions in 190 pages about all proposal in the capital region but now there is no description available with the map. They lamented that only codes were given and there is no description about the codes, which is confusing largely to understand the map. They added that earlier CRDA kept the details of residential zones in Telugu but later it was removed.

Source From Deccan Chronicle

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