Three New Year money resolutions to break in 2016

moneyWhat’s your New Year resolution? Losing weight, savings money?
We all make resolutions around the new year, but maybe it’s time to break a few resolutions. Many a times we make resolutions unknowingly and they become our default mode of thinking. Today, we suggest three money resolutions to break in 2016.
Over use of credit cards: Just because you have a credit card limit, does not mean you need to swipe you card beyond the limit or even near the limit and go overboard. Remind yourself that no man’s credit is as good as his cash.
Emergencies come unannounced: And, if your emergency plan is your credit card, you seriously need to break this resolution. Make sure you keep aside a minimum of three months monthly expense as an emergency fund.
Say no to social pressure: Keeping up with the Jones, may make you happy temporarily, but will lead you into a debt trap. Make sure you don’t fall for social pressure of keeping up with others.
Break the resolution you made unknowingly that you would be as cool as your friend or co-worker when it comes to latest gadgets and expensive holidays. For all you know, they might be in a debt trap just to show how well of they are.
These are my suggestions for New Year’s resolution to break this year. What’s your? Let me know in the comment section.

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