Garlic Kills 14 Kinds Of Cancer And 13 Types Of Infection

Garlic has, for hundreds of years, been utilized for its medicinal properties. This strong herb.

Indian scientists detect crack in Earth’s magnetic shield

The world’s largest and most sensitive cosmic ray monitor, located in India, has recorded a.

Put Garlic Under Your Pillow and This Will Happen to You

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9 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Over indulgence, gluttony and greed are rife traits when it comes to eating in modern.

Healthy living: How to live longer

Some aspects of our health and vitality are governed by our genes and how our.

Why tracking your steps could take the fun out of fitness

  Wearable tech and fitness apps tracks are not only supposed to help us track.

Skin-to-skin contact during infancy increases chances of the child’s survival

Premature and underweight newborns may have better survival odds if they pass their days with.

What’s the Actual Calorie Content of Nuts?

  Calculating the calorie content of tree nuts like walnuts and almonds based on methods.

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