GHMC poll: 3850 nominations found valid, 189 rejected

ghmcSurendra Mohan, IAS, Additional Commissioner (Elections) said that in all the 150 wards 4039 nominations have been filed out of which 189 have been rejected and total valid nominations are 3850. The following is the break-up party wise: BSP-106 ; BJP- 426; CPI- 29; CPM – 41 ; INC-659 ; MIM-85 ; TRS-839 ; TDP- 658 ; YSRCP- 3 ; Loksatta – 47 ; Other Registered Parties-71 and Independents-886.
The Additional Commissioner (Elections) said seven candidates have withdrawn i.e. 1 from TRS, 1 from TDP, 1 from other parties and 4 independents. As per the directions of the State Election Commission with regard to model code of conduct, so far GHMC have removed 1,71,641 unauthorized publicity materials have been removed. 6,426 cutouts, 42,244 flexies, 39,984 banners, 53,645 posters and around 29,442 photos have been captured. With regard to Law and Order as per the information from the Hyderabad Police Commissioner 1,363 licensed arms have been seized 372 persons have been bind over.
The Additional Commissioner (Elections) said on Monday while on inspection by the Election Authority a cash of Rs 1,90,300 has been seized at Cirlce 6, Rajendranagar. The State Election Commission has given certain instructions to the Election Authority, GHMC not to distribute the dustbins to the households for which the Election Authority directed all the Zonals, Deputy Commissioners and concerned authorities to stop the distribution of the dustbins as per the guidelines of the State Election commission.
The State Election Commission has given certain instructions to increase the poll percentage for which the GHMC is planning to distribute Sankalp Pathram involving the students to sign on the Pathram duly inviting the parents and the family members to participate and to cast the vote with which the polling percentage will be increased. With the newly introduced website around 1,42,663 voters have downloaded the voter slip and 27,731 from mobile app and 2 lakhs around voters have got the voter slips through manual operations with the help of booth level officers in some of the areas.
Additional Commissioner (Elections) said that 2 days before of the poll i.e., 31.01.2016 the GHMC is planning to distribute all the voter slips to the households as per the guidelines of the State Election Commission.
The Election Authority is also taking up webcasting involving Engineering Students in 3000 polling stations.
Additional Commissioners Shiva Kumar Naidu, IAS, Shankaraiah, Shahsikirana Chary, Project Director and senior officials attended the meeting. (NSS)

Source From Siasat

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