Kejriwal warns of CBI raids on Sisodia, Jain: Another ploy to stay newsworthy?

Arvind_380PTIDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is simply unbeatable when it comes to practicing the art of staying in the news.
With the much debated 15-day odd-even experiment on private vehicles in Delhi coming to an end on Friday evening, the radio and television advertisements backing this formula would also go away soon. His feisty verbal assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley regarding the Delhi District Cricket Association issue, which came in response to CBI raids on his principal secretary’s office, is now a thing of past.
But Kejriwal is a wizard when it comes to grabbing headlines perennially.
Even before he would eclipse from public discourse, the AAP chief found a new way to be in the leading news cycle. After holding a media briefing to pat his own back on Friday and that of his government on the odd-even experiment, he took to Twitter to generate a new controversy, again attempting to claim victimisation. The Delhi chief minister went to the extent of daring the prime minister for no apparent reason. It seems he wants to thrive more on his unnamed and unverified source based information whether it is right, wrong or completely imaginary.
“PMO sources-Next raid on Manish or Satinder. Officers under them being pressurized to get something wrong signed from them,” the Delhi chief minister tweeted. Manish Sisodia is Delhi’s deputy chief minister while Satinder Jain is a minister in his government holding important portfolios of health, industries, home, public work department and power.
Then in an another tweet in Hindi he targeted PM Modi saying, “You may do whatever you want to, (but) the truth is with us, god is with us. You can do us no harm.”
The purpose of these tweets are obvious.
Kejriwal wants to impress upon the people that the Modi government is targetting the Delhi government with important ministers and senior officials at the Centre interfering with his work wasting time and energy to spread malice against the Delhi chief minister and his ministerial colleagues.
Assuming what Kejriwal (holding all important post of Delhi chief minister) is saying is true then two things should follow: First, he has a mole inside the higher echelons of the Prime Minister’s Office whose loyalties are with him and not with the PM and the Centre and keeps on feeding him what Modi thinks and does in office. So if Modi believes in what Kejriwal says he would go on a wild goose chase after this anonymous official. Again putting vital national resources, Intelligence Bureau and so on a mere suspicion. If he does that Kejriwal will get another agenda to target the PM.
Second, Kejriwal knows the PMO and Centre better than Modi does. If that is the case then the Delhi chief minister could build a rightful campaign plank in 2019 to occupy the topmost executive post — PM of India.
Also if there are no CBI raids against Manish Sisodia and Satinder Jain, which even otherwise has been likely to be the case, Kejriwal would claim that it is because he forewarned Modi or since he successfully scared Modi that the idea of raiding Sisodia and Jain was put off. After CBI’s raids on his principal secretary Rajendra Kumar’s office in the Delhi Secretariat, Kejriwal had called PM Modi a “coward” and a “psychopath”.
Kejriwal’s latest tweets, however, has a flaw. If he had such a good mole in higher echelons of the PMO or the CBI, as he now claims to have, how is that he was caught unaware on 15 December last year. He might claim that he developed that mole subsequent to the raid. After all he has to be in the news every day.

Source From Firstpost

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