Microsoft to debut Universal apps for Xbox on 30 March: Report

xbox_reuters-624x351If the buzz online is to be believed then Microsoft is all set to unveil its Universal apps for Xbox later this month. The company is believed to detail a number of apps and plans that will eventually open the platform to developers at the Build conference to be held in San Francisco on 30 March, according to TheVerge.
Phil Spencer, Xbox chief had taken to Twitter to reveal that Microsoft will discuss its next steps with the Universal Windows Platform at the upcoming conference.
Needless to say, Microsoft has been talking about its universal Xbox apps for some time now. So, developers are able to build Xbox One apps, but they’re not universal Windows 10 apps. This means they cannot run across platforms such as PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. With this revelation, Microsoft may open the Xbox app store and allow developers to build apps as well as games for the Xbox One.
He also responded to Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney’s accusations about ‘how Microsoft is ‘gradually trying to take complete control by introducing a locked-down UWP ecosystem’.
He went on to say that Windows has always been open and UWP is a fully open ecosystem that is available to every developer. We wonder what Sweeney has to say to that.

Source From Firstpost

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