EC bans campaigning from 5 pm tomorrow

Election-campaignTelangana State Election Commission today said election campaigning for the GHMC elections will come to an end on January 31 by 5 pm and any violation beyond that will attract fine, two years of imprisonment or both. There shall not be any sort of propaganda by political parties through television channels and electronic media on Sunday after 5 pm.
In a press release here on Saturday, the Commission said prohibition of campaigning will be effective till the polling is completed by 5 pm on February 2. As the election will be held on February 2, the campaigning should end two days in advance. It also banned public meetings, display or playing of campaign material in the electronic media, Radio, mobile phone bulk SMS or SMS by political parties and so on or propaganda of election matter by arranging musical concerts or theatrical performance or other entertainment are strictly prohibited during the period of 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for the conclusion of the poll i.e. from 5 pm on Sunday up to 5 pm on February 2.
All political parties, campaign managers and managers of electronic media should comply with the norms. Any violation of the stipulated norms will attract fine, imprisonment of two years or both, Commission secretary M Ashok Kumar stated. (NSS)

Source Fom Siasat

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