Governor’s visit to Gandhi Hospital has officials on their toes

gandhi hospitalHyderabad: The Governor’s visit to Gandhi Hospital last week has put not only the staff of hospitals but those of other departments like the Water Board on their toes. Water Board managing director Dr B. Janardhan Reddy said on Friday, “All operation and maintenance staff have been instructed to inspect government and other important hospitals to verify the status of water supply. Engineers have already inspected some hospitals and discussed problems that may exist with officials.”
Water Board officials have advised hospitals to create facilities to store water for two days to guard against disruption due to any possible breakdowns. The Board has meanwhile instructed all staff to take a pledge to save water, at 11 am on March 5 in their offices. On the quality of Godavari supply, over which there was a controversy, officials said the water was within the limits specified of the Indian Standards Institute. The water quality is being monitored by the Board at regular intervals.

Source From Deccan Chronicle

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