HMR to give viaduct space for Sultan Bazaar kiosks





Hyderabad: The Sultan Bazaar Traders Association has struck a deal with Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) that will allow hawkers to be accommodated below the Metro Rail viaduct in the area. The hawkers were protesting that they would have no place for their kiosks after the Metro Rail comes up.

Association president Kishan Yadav said, “We explained the anger of the hawkers and traders to the HMR officials. We were demanding minimum loss to all.” There are 160 hawkers in Sultan Bazaar and another 140 in Putlibowli and Badi Chowdi.

Mr Govind Rathi, chairman of Sultan Baazar Traders Association, said, “We are not taking any affirmation orally from HMR. There will be a proper written document to finalise the seating for registered hawkers. HMR officials have also promised to make a platform so that hawkers and shoppers are protected from the traffic.”

But differences persisted in the association. General secretary C. Madhusudhan Rao said, “How come they had a meeting and HMR responded in this manner? In our meeting on November 29, we had made it very clear that we want re-alignment and Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao must stand by his words and protect Sultan Bazaar.”

He put the number of hawkers at Sultan Bazaar at 263. He said: “We had told the Hyderabad Metro Rail not talk to Mr Yadav and Mr Rathi as they do not represent us. Despite that there are these observations. We are the real association and do not believe in this ‘solution’ being offered to us. Our stand from the beginning is that the Metro Rail must not go from here.”

Hyderabad Metro Rail officers refused to comment on the subject.

source from ;Deccan chronicle

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