Most suicide victims used pesticides in Telangana

Hyderabad: The most common method used for suicides in Telangana is pesticides. Around 35 per cent of those who ended their lives used poison last year. Psychologists say that most people believe that poison gives them a painless death. Hanging and self-immolation are the other popular methods used for suicide.
Many committed suicide by jumping from moving trains, jumping into lakes and by consuming sleeping pills. Eighteen people ended their lives by shooting themselves. Around 120 people killed themselves by touching electric cables, says TS police records.
In 2015, around 3,300 people committed suicide in Telangana by consuming pesticide, while around 3,390 used the same method to end their lives in 2016, records from NCRB and TS police reveal.
Experts say the easy availability of pesticides is one reason why people with suicidal tendencies use them. Police records show that suicides using pesticides is common in rural areas as they are readily available for farming. Pesticides are stored in most houses in villages for daily use.
A recent report published by World Health Organisation recognised pesticide poisoning as the major suicide method in India. The report also suggested that impulsive suicides are made possible by the availability of pesticides.
“Restricting access to the means of suicide is effective in preventing suicides — particularly impulsive ones — as it gives those contemplating suicide more time,” the report said.
Though many people believe that poisoning leads to painless death, doctors say that this is not true. “When a person drinks pesticides it paralyses breathing and muscles. The terrible nausea and vomiting will be painful. If you consume strong pesticides you will not survive even for two hours,” said Dr K. Ashish Kumar, a general physician.
Experts say there are three ways to reduce this kind of suicides.  Restrict availability of pesticides, encourage manufacturers to improve safety of products, and educate the public on how to stay away from impulsive suicides.

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